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Key West & Dry Tortugas Sailing Adventure

Destinasjoner : United States
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Surprisingly, the most isolated national park in the USA doesn’t have mountains, pine forests or bears. Think less tundra and more wide open waters, frigatebirds, dugongs and schools of colourful fish. Yep, we’re talking about the Dry Tortugas Islands, a constellation of islands just off Florida Keys in America’s south-eastern tip. Dive right into this special sailing adventure to one of America's least visited national parks – a place where you can feel marooned like Robinsion Crusoe in the Marquesas Islands, or step back to frontier times at the canon-loaded Fort Jefferson. Most importantly though, this is a cruise designed for relaxation – so pack a book, sun screen and get ready to bliss out Tortugas-style.

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Key West

Welcome to Key West, the southernmost city in continental USA. Located in the Florida Keys – a coral cay archipelago extending from Florida’s south-eastern tip – Key West attracts an eclectic mix of residents and visitors: artists, writers, yatchies, retirees, holidaying families and partying students. More than 1700 islands make up the archipelago, the majority of which are part of National, State or Marine parks.  After touching down at Key West airport, head to the marina at 4pm to meet your skipper and fellow travellers. You can meet your skipper by waiting in the Captain's Launch at the Stock Island Marina, which is found at the end of the main pier. Take some time to wander around town this afternoon and perhaps enjoy an early dinner near the marina. You can also choose to head out for a night on the town and sample some of the local nightlife.

Marquesas Keys

Set sail this morning to the Marquesas Islands (approx. 18 nm). With cooperative winds and seas, the boat should arrive with plenty of time to head ashore and explore this afternoon. The white beaches are an excellent spot to lay down a towel and relax, while the shallow waters make for a refreshing dip when the day heats up. The Marquesas Islands are protected by a 300-foot no-motor zone, which was established by local authorities to help protect such creatures as nesting turtles and birds. Due to the no-motor zone, passengers will need to climb into and out of a dinghy to access the shore. Another option is to simply swim off the back of the boat and relax on deck. Set sail on the morning of day 3 for the Dry Tortugas National Park. The boat will be travelling approximately 43 nautical miles.

Dry Tortugas National Park

The Dry Tortugas National Park is vast, comprised of dozens of small islands, and for this reason we will spend two nights here to explore it thoroughly. You can choose to wander the ramparts of the Civil War-era Fort Jefferson National Monument and learn about its past as a fort and prison, or swim ashore at Loggerhead Key or Hospital Key to explore. Bush Key is also a great place for some bird watching, which can be done from the catamaran. Please note the variety of activities here will vary depending on the weather and availability, as well as the general wishes of the group to visit certain islands. The boat itself is a great place to laze around, read a book, or learn the basics of sailing from your knowledgeable skipper. As the most isolated and least visited national park in the United States, the Dry Tortugas have very few services on land and your group will be completely self-sufficient during your time here.

Dry Tortugas National Park to Key West

We say goodbye to the Dry Tortugas early this morning and return to Key West, (approx. 59 nm). Arrive at the harbour in the evening. Scrub up for a night at the town's bars and restaurants and enjoy a round of farewell drinks with your crew.

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